Communications Strategy | Advocacy | Public Affairs

Granite Integrated Strategies is a bi-partisan strategic communications, advocacy and public affairs firm that specializes in navigating the national media in Washington, DC and on Capitol Hill, providing clients with targeted, creative and effective solutions to communications and public affairs challenges. Granite co-founders Kristen Hawn and Ali Siciliano are battle tested communications professionals who bring an aggressive and collaborative style to multi-tiered public affairs campaigns.

At Granite, we take a unique, campaign style approach to public affairs and communications strategy. As with any campaign, we work with our clients to connect the dots between government affairs, policy and communications strategy in order to achieve success. We bring a full scale range of capabilities with regard to public relations, including:

Message Development

At Granite Integrated Strategies, we know that having a strong and clear message is a cornerstone of all successful businesses and campaigns. We work closely with our clients to develop core messages based on identifiable goals and target audiences.

Communications Strategy

We bring a unique and creative approach, based on our backgrounds in politics and media, to implement communications strategies for companies, coalitions, and third parties that are best suited to our clients' specific targeted audience.

Washington, D.C. Media Strategy

Communicating effectively in Washington is critical for all companies, third parties and organizations today. We have years of experience working directly with news organizations and reporters who cover the White House, Capitol Hill and the Administration and can effectively implement inside the beltway campaigns to targeted audiences in Washington, D.C.

Government and Public Affairs

In order to most effectively shape public opinion, it is critical to know your audience. Granite Integrated Strategies brings years of experience working with lawmakers and key influencers in Washington, D.C. We will help you best identify winning strategies for identifying regulatory challenges and navigating Capitol Hill.

Third Party Strategy & Outreach

Today it is not enough to have a single voice in the debate. In order to influence public opinion in Washington, D.C. and on a broader scale, it is important to have the support of key influencers and third party organizations. We execute outreach strategies to best identify and inform these groups in order to expand the conversation.

Crisis Communications

The ever-increasing speed of today’s news cycle has fundamentally changed the way that we deal with communications practices around crises and reputational issues. At Granite Integrated Strategies, we bring battle-tested principles and experiences to these situations. We recognize not only the importance of planning for crisis situations, but also the value in assessing risks and challenges before a crisis arrives.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool in any campaign to engage and persuade elected officials and other influencers in Washington, D.C. and across the country. Granite designs and implements unique, creative and targeted social media campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Media Training

In the current 24-hour news cycle, it is critical to have a clear and concise voice when communicating with your audience, whether that be policy makers on Capitol Hill or the broader public. Granite has a wealth of experience preparing company executives and spokespeople for interviews across all media platforms, as well as preparing our clients to testify before Congress.

Grassroots Communications

Whether strategically placed op-eds, story development or letters to the editor campaigns, local communications can be a powerful tool to bolster government relations efforts on Capitol Hill. At Granite, we develop and implement full scale media campaigns to reach policymakers in their home districts.

Communicating in Washington, DC

At Granite, we believe that a strong bipartisan communications effort must be a part of any effective government or public affairs campaign.

Reporters on Capitol Hill set the dialogue that drives member and staff-level discussions every day.  At Granite, we work through non-traditional channels to reinforce the messages our clients are communicating via their government relations efforts. This may include:

- Intelligence gathering

- Message and information dissemination, with or without attribution to the client

- Targeted outreach to reporters

- Planting questions for decision-makers with reporters covering Capitol Hill, the White House and other major press events

- Working with communications staff on Capitol Hill to coordinate message and Member comment

- Preparing clients for Congressional testimony

- Communicating third party support in the press and on Capitol Hill

- Managing placements in news outlets and papers throughout the country